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Welcome to the INTP mailing list! Our web page is

This list is for sharing information and experiences between persons who are classified as INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceivers)
on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Other types who evince an honest desire to learn about and interact with INTPs are also welcome.

New subscribers are warned that this is a high volume list; 50-150 or more messages a day are not uncommon. If this level of mail is too
high, PLEASE unsubscribe now. We are not particularly interested in complaints about the volume: we KNOW how much mail there is.

If you are changing systems, PLEASE remember to unsubscribe and resubscribe.

It is generally considered good manners to pause for a breath before jumping right into current conversations and we ask that new subscribers do so here. "Lurking" for a few days is a recommended way to get to know the group and the topics currently under discussion.
Reading the INTP FAQ is an even better way to get many of your questions answered before your first post.

Please follow these guidelines:

1) Personal attacks, ad hominem arguments, and flames are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Penalties for violators include reprimands (private and/or
public), suspension, and permanent exclusion depending on the severity of the violation and the mood of the administrators. Obviously, name calling is also frowned upon. Let's act like reasonable, courteous, and responsible people while on the list. okay?

2) Although trolling and flame-bait are not forbidden per se, should flaming occur the instigator shall be considered culpable as well
as victims who respond with an ad hominem attack. Appropriate action will be taken depending on the level of provocation. Repeated attempts to instigate flaming or otherwise disrupt the list will be dealt with severely.

3) Please quote sparingly. It is not only unnecessary but extremely annoying to have to scroll past the entire message being quoted to
get to the response below it. If it was on the list, we have probably read the original post already.

4) .sigs over 4 lines in length are frowned upon.

5) Try to keep posts fairly short. This is an intentionally vague guideline, as there is no absolute rule. On the other hand, few people have the patience to read a five page post.

6) Spoofing another's email address -- deliberately attempting to deceive other into thinking that a post you sent actually came from some one else -- especially when it is done with malicious intent, is forbidden.

7) Also forbidden is posting private messages to the list without the author's permission. We realize that occasionally mistakes do happen, and
the odd slip up is tolerated. Multiple violations however, even when done by accident, is cause for censure (reprimand, suspension, and dismissal).

8) Otherwise, feel free to post whatever you want. Learn, share, and enjoy. Have fun.

The official mascot of this group is the Cheshire Cat. Thus the official smilies are
:) (eyes and smile) and
) (just a eisembodied smile )

List members will be automatically unsubscribed when bounced messages exceed a (secret) given amount. If this happens, you are free to re-subscribe when your system has settled down.

The list management software has been configured to encourage replies to the original poster rather than to the list itself. This reduces the number of unintentional or embarrassing disclosures to the entire list and encourages private correspondence (which helps reduce the level of activity on the list).

If you plan to be away more than a few days it would be best to unsubscribe for the duration. This is especially important when your system limits your mailbox size.

If your internet service provider changes your subdomain name without warning, you may continue to get messages from the group, but you will find yourself unable to post or unsubscribe. If that
happens, contact me.

You will likely encounter some people here who are even weirder than you. It may be advisable to consider various humorous interpretations before taking some posts seriously, and there may be people who it is safer never to take seriously.

In the event that you receive unwanted unsolicited private email from someone on this list, you should immediately request that they cease and desist, and if they do not, please inform the current list owner. You are more likely to get what you want if you ask for it. Help keep the list a haven for INTP without making it boring!
Further suggestions may be found in the INTP Mailing List FAQ...

If you have any other questions, drop us a note: or for comments or complaints

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Intp Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members.)

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